Professional Diver becomes Published Journalist

In 6 months I became a Professional Scuba Diver now – I can add “Published Journalist”  to my title too.

Lyndi Kim Leggett - Published Journalist

Professional Scuba Diver becomes Published Journalist

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would become a published journalist for one of the best scuba diving magazines in Australia. Well not within just 6 months of becoming a Professional Diver anyway. I qualified last year as a Professional Scuba Diver and – out of the blue I was given the opportunity to write and article for “Submerged Magazine”. Submerged Magazine is a prestigious magazine found in most reputable dive shops in Australia, published by Oceanic Australia. I accepted the challenge in a heartbeat and set to work.  The deadline was July 31st 2013, which I reached including a friends editing eye over my words.  Now what a way to start 2014 – finding my article is published. It feels AMAZING !!!!

It feels like I am truly on my path to have first been given this opportunity having only just re-entered the diving world again; and to have never written an article before.

Furthermore I have featured on the cover of the magazine with none other than the legendary Jill Heinerth. Jill is a Technical Diving guru to the gurus. Jill inspires me and my diving career. She has done so many awesome dives in extreme parts of the world, I visit her website regularly to learn anything new or watch another video clip of her incredible dives.

Thank you Oceanic Australia – what a way to start the year. This Professional Scuba Diver becomes Published Journalist.

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