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Scuba Diving in Belize with this beautiful Turtle

Scuba Diving in Belize with this beautiful turtle






Need a Professional Scuba Diver? How can I help you underwater?

I am an SSI Specialty Scuba Diving Instructor, PADI Open Water Scuba Diving Instructor and RAID Advanced Scuba Diving Instructor and would love to teach you how to scuba dive,  how to dive on NITROX; perfect your buoyancy and how to take a great picture underwater.

Have you lost something precious overboard – please phone me for help retrieving your keys/wallet/phone – I love recovery diving.

With years of corporate training experiences gained from working in the United Kingdom, the United States and South Africa I have followed my heart and finally qualified as a Scuba Diving Instructor. I have hundreds of dives logged from diving all over the world. My diving experience has taken me deep down to 50m and now diving with a Sidemount configuration I can enjoy 2-hour dives. I have a range of Specialty Courses available to teach you too if you have aspirations of your own – I can help you to achieve these goals.

I am an active member of our Surf Life Saving Club and help with the teaching of the Bronze Medallion course.

I am a member of Orrca Inc here in Australia – so often get called to babysit a Leopard Seal resting on one of our local beaches. Looking after a dolphin was the most magical experience as I was asked to snorkel with it and take as much footage as possible so that Orrca could identify the dolphin and why it was on its own. You will find videos and blogs on my website of the work & fun I have underwater.

I hope that I can help you as you have found my website with a need for a Professional Scuba Diver. Please click on  Contact”.  National Geographic Magazine and Animal Planet are free to call me if you need my assistance ever.

Thanks for landing here now let’s go diving.


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