DiveRAID Pod 001: Welcome to the first podcast ever from a scuba diving agency – RAID.

DiveRAID podcast is live

DiveRAID podcast is live

Summary: I am ridiculously excited to have the role of Podcast Presenter for RAID scuba diving training agency. In our first episode I talk to Paul Toomer – old friend, owner and Training Director of RAID.

Here’s What We Talk about in the Podcast :

Why choose RAID to learn to scuba dive or to continue your scuba diving education ?

The Making of RAID.

DiveRAID – the Superhero

To CCR or Open Circuit – that is the question…

Please subscribe and stay tuned for more fun and great scuba tips from Paul and our many distinguished guests we have planned to speak to you.

Thank you ARMY of One for your awesome intro song – “Outside the box , Inside the Ring”

Link: www.diveraid.com



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