Best Day in my Scuba Career

My son  is 5 years old and he is scuba diving

My son is 5 years old and he is scuba diving




Little did I know today was the best day in my scuba career. I arrived home after helping a friend change the anodes on the hull of his house boat. I had some air left in my scuba tank and my son saw me unloading my gear. It was a hot day and he’d been patiently waiting for the moment to come. Today was the day – he asked me if he could try scuba diving in our pool. Why not – I had my regs on my tank, no bcd as I had been diving with a sidemount configuration.

We carried the tank up to the pool. I told him he could breathe through the yellow regulator and showed him which way was up. I explained just once that if it was upside down it wont work. HE got it.

In the video you see my son loving the experience so much so he swims straight into the pool wall, comes up and says “That was Awesome Mum – can we do it again?”  He puts his regulator almost into his mouth when he realizes its upside down and corrects himself. What a proud Mum & instructor I am. My son loves scuba diving and at 5 years young – he can do it with ease and so much joy.

Enjoy the video.


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